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F 1133
RM 16,800
F 2299
RM 16,800
F 3322
RM 16,800
F 3636
RM 16,800
F 3883
RM 16,800
F 5050
RM 16,800
F 6336
RM 16,800
F 1014
RM 4,800
F 1029
RM 4,800
F 1032
RM 4,800
F 1034
RM 4,800
F 1053
RM 4,800
F 1067
RM 4,800
F 1068
RM 4,800
F 1073
RM 4,800
F 1074
RM 4,800
F 1076
RM 4,800
F 1078
RM 4,800

Golden Number

BPC1  RM 168,000
VFB1  RM 153,000
VFH1  RM 153,000
BNW2  RM 68,800
TBH9  RM 68,000
CCP9  RM 68,000
VDY8  RM 64,800
VDX8  RM 60,800
VCY3  RM 56,800
AJM3  RM 56,800

Attractive Double Digit

G1M99  RM 99,000
PP85  RM 46,800
UU20  RM 46,800
PG85  RM 43,800
RV28  RM 39,800
VU10  RM 38,800
WB27  RM 38,000
WB29  RM 38,000
KAH10  RM 38,000
Malaysia27  RM 38,000

Popular Three Digit

VN888  RM 33,800
VD888  RM 32,800
VF888  RM 32,800
RV888  RM 25,800
RP111  RM 22,800
WA111R RM 19,800
RV222  RM 18,800
RP666  RM 17,800
DW118  RM 13,800
VV969  RM 12,800


BMW2916  RM 1,900
BMW2039  RM 1,900
BMW2062  RM 1,900
BMW2063  RM 1,900
BMW2072  RM 1,900
BMW2073  RM 1,900
BMW2086  RM 1,900
BMW2089  RM 1,900
BMW2093  RM 1,900
BMW2098  RM 1,900